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Thank You very much,and I was going to ask you, most of your animations from what I’ve seen are Femdom then if most of them are gonna do that? I ask why maybe a character of the present can appear and that I like very much

Sorry, I didn't fully understand you :) My English is very bad. So try to put it more clearly.

@starki @Dezmall Okay...what language you speak?

Better try again in English. I see this as an opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the language.

@starki @Dezmall @Dezmall OK my question is what you do to choose the female character for the next animation, vows in patreon oh decides: hey I’m going to give this character a cheer,because the erotic content of yours is femdom then in doing so I want to hope that you happen to choose one of my favorite characters

Now I understand you :) Usually everything happens spontaneously. If we talk about the choice of character. I can see some model and want to make animation with it. Sometimes I create vote for a character’s proposal for animation among patrons of art (when I don’t get anything interesting in my head). Speaking of Elsa, patrons chose her a long time ago. It's just that the animation with her has just come to the final stage. I don’t have any particular type or universe in which I make animations. It just all depends on the idea and desire to work with the model. And everything is very spontaneous. :)

@starki @Dezmall @Dezmall Ok,thanks for you answer and at least with this I hope that some character of my favorites comes out here, so thanks for the tip and have a great day and good luck with your great work